Umbau en route met Arval

With their all-in leasing offer, Arval, the leasing company of the BNP Paribas Group, can provide companies and individuals with peace of mind when they’re behind the wheel. In order to be able to fully focus on ensuring their customers can enjoy carefree mobility, Arval turned to enlist the help of Umbau. In turn, we became their all-inclusive creative partner.

In respect of both SME and private leasing, we developed a strong campaign image to embody the message that Arval wants to convey to the different target groups in all its communications: “Thanks to Arval, you can drive with peace of mind.”

Obviously, Arval also needed to follow the in-house style of parent company BNP Paribas Group with all its communication tools. Umbau was happy to take up the challenge of creating a unique style within this blueprint that typifies Arval, but still fits the specified framework.

All communication tools, such as catalogues, online and offline banners, one-pagers, posters and brochures, were standardised in terms of format so that the message of each campaign always reaches B2B and B2C customers and delivers the same level of clarity and precision.

In the future, working in their role of communication partner, Umbau will continue doing everything that they can to correctly inform both entrepreneurs and private individuals about Arval’s leasing offer and appeal to them.

let’s work together!