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Cinionic and Umbau launch powerful communication

What is Cinionic’s mission? To transform cinema and allow people all over the world to enjoy exceptional cinema experiences.

Secutec is a Belgian ICT player with an enormously strong product.

Secure DNS is a lightning fast cybersecurity product that protects your company against malware and other viruses.

Barco Control Rooms
Barco is a world-leading expert in Control Rooms solutions.

They had a solid product offering, but they wanted to make their value propositions more specific for different industries.

Everything is lean at Suez

There’s everything to gain for a large company like Suez turning all its production plants into lean production plans.

Corporate communications and recruitment.

Umbau have been working for Vinçotte for a long time, taking care of their needs for graphic, design and social media work. The subjects are often super technical and require some B2B knowledge.

Xeos developed a new product that reduces the risk of resurgery.

An enormous win for both surgeon and patient. But as a brand-new player in international medtech, how do you make your value clear to the market?

strategic innovation consultants.

Their reason for existence? They prepare companies for tomorrow through a grounded strategy and innovation approach.

your GSP boutique

A great communication project for a start-up that is already scaling up.
We started a naming process.

How to communicate a policy plan to an entire region and thousands of people.

Communicating changes is never easy.

Umbau en route with Arval

With their all-in leasing offer, Arval, the leasing company of the BNP Paribas Group, can provide companies and individuals with peace of mind when they’re behind the wheel.

DHL is a tremendously strong brand.

And we got to help showcase that. By not only highlighting the company’s operational excellence, because most people already know that.

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